The "Feel Good"

Team Building


Create a collaborative atmosphere within your team

A fun and rewarding team building activity that combines

gameplay and training  

  • Want to get a meeting off to a good start?
  • Do you want to create a climate of trust?
  • Would you like to present your team with something original?
  • Looking for an activity that everyone will love

Totem brings your team together 

100% enjoyment GUARANTEED

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Rules of the game

  • An introduction that's both positive and effective using Totem cards
  • Creation of a relaxed atmosphere to foster productivity
  • Simple and fun

  • Duration of around 10 minutes
  • For 10 to 100 people 
  • Delivered in person or virtually (hybrid mode also available)
  • Fun Mode (Card Game)

What will you experience

 with the Totem effect?

Introduce your team

Introduce your team members using the principles of the hit game Totem. Break the cycle and start your meeting on a positive note.

Discover individual strengths

Enhance your speaking skills using Positive Impactful Feedback (PIF): Observation, strengths, appreciation.

Promote discussion  

Using the various animal and quality cards, you will have a pretext to open the discussion about yourself and hear what your colleagues have to say about themselves.

Create a positive atmosphere

With Totem, there is only positivity. This fun game builds on individual strengths so all participants feel valued and ready to work in way that's positive.

creative bee totem picture

As a bonus, you can keep your Totem by your side on a daily basis to remind yourself of your wonderful qualities.

Our team of hosts

Human beings who are passionate about self-development. They are committed to helping people build on their strengths.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people is the activity suitable for?

Can the duration of the activity be adjusted?

Can people who don't know each other take part in the activity?

Can the activity be conducted with participants taking part both in person and virtually? 

Is it necessary to choose a hosted packed?

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Thousands of satisfied teams

picture witty firefly totem

" I really enjoyed this discussion: constructive, fun and enriching! Thank you, a wonderful discovery! "

-Witty firefly-

picture organized black bird totem

" Really happy to have had the opportunity to express to my colleagues what I like about them with the help of a varied range of cards, they help to find the right words! What a beautiful "feeling" discovering our own cards too! A game I'd like to play again with my loved ones. "

-Organized black bird-

picture commited koala totem

" I was very touched by the cards my team gave me. A very nice exercise. I also got to know my team members better. "

-Commited koala-