The "feel good"

team building


 A unique experience to bring your team together

A fun and rewarding team building activity that combines gameplay

and training.

  • Has someone new joined your team lately?
  • Is working remotely making it hard to interact socially?
  • You'd like to strengthen the sense of belonging in your team?
  • Looking for an activity that everyone will love

Totem brings your team together. 

100% enjoyment GUARANTEED!

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Join the thousands of teams who have played with us!! 

Rules of the game 

  • Create strong and lasting bonds ;
  • Positive feedback training ;
  •  Discover your own unique strengths through the eyes of those around you; 

  • Duration varies from 1.5 to 3 hours
  • Suitable for 5 to 300 participants divided into groups of 5 to 8 people
  • Delivered in person or virtually (hybrid mode also available)
  • Fun Mode (Card Game)

What you will experience with

the Totem effect

Bring your team together with SDT

Discover  Self-Determination theory (SDT) : an approach based on the need for social affiliation, autonomy and the feeling of competence

 Appreciate individual strengths

Focussing on our individual strengths is what leads people to want to surpass themselves. Adopt a strengths-based approach.

Strengthen bonds using the PIF technique

 Implement Postive Impactful Feedback in your speech; observation, strengths, appreciation.

Increase well-being

Adopt an approach of appreciating your own individual strengths as well as the strengths of those around you for a guaranteed sense of well-being.

creative bee totem

Get a nice totem that will accompany you on a daily basis to remind you that you have great qualities.

Our team of hosts

Humains beings who are passionate about self-development. They are commited to helping people build on their strenghts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people is the activity suitable for??

Can the duration of the activity be adjusted?

Can people who don't know each other take part in the activity?

Can the activity be conducted with participants taking part both in person and virtually

Is it necessary to choose a hosted packed?

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Thousand of team satisfied

Lion open-minded image

"A wonderful morning that made me feel some beautiful emotions. I learned a lot about myself and what I bring out in people. Thank you so much for this lovely experience."

-Open-minded Lion-

Persistent wild sheep image

"A highly enjoyable and rewarding experience. TSomething to do again as it's highly powerful and effective for maintaining the bond between colleagues in this period. It's striking to see how well our colleagues can describe us. Thank you" 

-Persistent Wild sheep-

Versatile salmon image

"A lot of emotion, discussion, it helped me to get closer to people by telling them things I never have the opportunity to say. Extremely rewarding!! I now feel like developing my strengths even more. Thank you!!!" 

-Versatile Salmon-